For the most UP TO DATE listings of our FULLY TUNED USED BIKES click HERE to go to our CURRENT listings active on CRAIGSLIST!

Prices start from as little as $100 some days for some of our used bikes. Obviously this supply is extremely limited in the summer months!

 FULLY TUNED USED BIKES such as road bikes, hybrids and commuters can start as low as $150-$200 and go up depending on the level of quality, vintage, style and desirability and can go up as high as $600-$1000!

ALL of our used Bicycles are sold as FULLY TUNED (factor in a tune-up starts at $59, making some of these bikes a really great deal)

We aim to be your 1 STOP BIKE SHOP! We offer a full range of accessories (lights, locks, helmets, racks, fenders etc.), expert advice on getting you the right size and style of bike to suit your needs. We give all of the Used Bikes a Final Safety check in front of you!

You can pay with confidence using cash, debit or credit, get a receipt, have you serial number logged. Much better alternative and lots of the time better pricing than having to get the run around on Craigslist, Kijiji or PinkBike for bikes!

Used Bike Vancouver  Used Bike Main Street
Used Bikes Marpole Tri Cities Poco Bike Shop

We aim to have 20-40 used bikes to choose from at our 2255 West Broadway location, conveniently located for students on the 99 B-Line bus route connecting Vancouver to UBC. (Ideal for students!) Aiming to have a wide variety of bikes from kids, to cheap and cheerful campus bikes all the way up to higher end vintage road and mountain bikes!

The 2180 Main Street store at Main and 6th is only a few blocks from Main and Terminal Skytrain station and at the foot of Mount Pleasant. Here we aim to have a good selection of FULLY TUNED USED BIKES daily! Generally higher end models, or more modified, with generally slightly higher price tags that reflect the modifications, upgrades and demand for quality from the locals.

Our Marpole store is 8722 Granville Street, South Vancouver’s ONLY bike shop! Here we have a selection of FULLY TUNED ADULT bikes along with a HUGE selection of very affordable fully tuned Kids Bikes!

Out in Poco, our Tri-Cities store stocks a range of both Adult and Kids bikes that are Fully Tuned and ready to roll!

All USED BIKES go through our thorough CHECK LIST before hitting the floor, then a FINAL checkover by an experienced mechanic at the time of purchase!

Safe Used Bicycle Vancouver

ALL of our bikes come to us in the form of DONATIONS, some in not so bad shape, others needing full rebuilds using either new or used parts to get them out there and back on the road.

WE DO NOT BUY BIKES or TRADE BIKES! There is a great by-law in Vancouver that prevents shops from doing so! This helps cut down where bike thieves can peddle their stolen wares!

By sourcing our bikes from DONATIONS we save many thousands of bikes a year from Landfill!

We FULLY RECYCLE a few thousand bikes a year by stripping them down into steel, aluminum, hard plastics, rubber to be recycled.

We also give away a few thousand bikes a year to CHARITIES and WORTHY ORGANISATIONS to get bikes back into the hands of those in need. *NOT ALL DONATIONS GO TO THESE CAUSES!* Many of the organisations are quite selective on the styles of bikes and wheel sizes required!

This leaves us with the bikes that end up for sale in our stores, we FULLY TUNE them, add NEW or USED parts where necessary to get them back on the road and running again. These tend to be bikes of good quality to justify us storing, sorting, fixing, maintaining, displaying and taking time to sell!!!

More information on our BICYCLE RECYCLING program can be found by clicking HERE!




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