A touring bike by definition, is designed to handle bicycle touring. To make the bikes sufficiently robust, comfortable and capable of carrying heavy loads, special features may include a long wheelbase (for comfort and to avoid pedal-to-luggage conflicts), frame materials that favor flexibility over rigidity (for comfort), heavy duty wheels (for load capacity), and multiple mounting points (for racks, fenders, etc.).

These features can also make for a really good heavy duty commuter option or even with the more comfortable geometries work well for longer ‘fondo’ style rides.

2018 MASI GIRAMONDO  27.5/650.

Bikepacking, Adventure Touring, 650b MASI YVR


ONLY $1,549


Same great double butted chromoly frame and fork combo as last year, this is the more traditional 700c wheel size option (will still take a 650/27.5 wheel) great for regular touring, adventure touring, bike packing and comes with 700x40c tires so you can even explore the path less traveled!

This model comes with the more traditional handlebar and stem set up. 3×10 Shimano Deore cranks and derailleurs, all the rack and fender options you could need.

Kitted out with the awesome TUBUS front and rear racks!

Vancouver Touring Bike Tubus Adventure Bike Packing

ONLY $1,749


We’ve grouped this model in¬†with our Touring Bikes as it is one of the more versatile offerings.

Double Butted Chromoly Frame and curved blade Fork, 10 speed Tiagra shifters, derailleurs and cranks. 650b wheel size (can run 700c) and even comes with fenders! Has front and rear rack mounts. A great bike for Randonneuring (light touring) commuting or getting out on longer more leisurely rides!

MASI Randonneur Vancouver Canada Touring

ONLY $1,775

We also have some pretty sweet deals on some of the older model BRODIE range of TOURING BIKES in various sizes over at our MAIN STREET STORE.

These models are:

54cm Brodie Circuit, Full Chromoly Frame and Fork, Rack and Fender Mounts, 24 Speeds, SHIMANO Claris shifters and derailleurs. Rack and Fender monts galore!

ONLY $999!

48cm Brodie Elan


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