Best known for their BMX roots dating back to 1977, HARO now make a full range of not only BMX bikes, but Hybrid and Mountain Bikes also.

We primarily stock their Hybrid style bike offerings.

These start with their entry level Aluminum Frame, Disc Brake, 21 speed AERAS model, available as a Step Thru frame female option called the AIRE.

The higher end option is the RIVON. This model comes with 24 speeds and Hydraulic Disc Brakes.

Finally, we also stock their “Dual Sport” option called the BRIDGEPORT. What is a Dual Sport? essentially a hybrid style frame, kitted out with a lock out front shock, bigger tires, able to handle light trail riding and still get you to work on time!

These bikes should be able to handle anything your commute throws at it and then some!! Built to take abuse year after year.

Here are a few images of the HARO Hybrids: