Comfort bikes are just as the name might suggest, designed more for comfortable riding and generally more fun, lighter usage. These features normally mean a lower price point too! When the bike is not built for day after day of longer, punishing rides, the components and frame materials do not have to be as high end as on other styles of bike such as hybrids thus keeping the price down!

City Style Cruisers are bikes that have great, classic cruiser looks, but come with much more city friendly options than the beefier beach cruiser style bikes. Think great looks, but lighter and with much more efficiency!

City style cruisers often come with racks, fenders, kickstands etc, wider/larger range of gear options, still offer an upright, comfortable riding position and is a bike that will look great on the seawall, but also something you could use to commute across town on with ease!

We no longer sell the traditional beach cruiser style bike, we used to sell a lot of these with our Kitsilano stores proximity to the beach. While we found these to be popular, we found these bikes to be cumbersome, very single purpose and taking up valuable room in our lineup where we can have bikes with the style, but more options when it comes to efficiency.

HARO Beasley 26.

This is a fully rigid, 26 inch wheel mountain bike built exclusively for the smaller rider.

13 Inch Aluminum Frame and Fork, Mechanical Disc Brakes, nice and simple 1x drivetrain with 7 speeds on the rear! Great for hitting light trails, cutting through the park or campgrounds or hitting up the seawall.

Comfort and stability with the upright riding position with wider tires! Our best priced bike with DISC BRAKES!

26 1x gearing rigid hybrid vancouver

ONLY $469

DEL SOL Projekt 8.

Steel frame, classic looks, one of our best selling bikes year after year. This one is going to make it into a few categories on the site as it is very well rounded.

For those wanting to look good and roll easy, single speed looks, 1x gearing with 8 speeds on the rear, rack and fender mounts. Popular with people looking to cruise the seawall, commute on daily and extremely popular with the FOODORA folk (so you know they can take a beating!)

1x gearing Bike VancouverDel Sol 1x Vancouver Bike

All this for ONLY $499

DEL SOL LXi 6.0.

This model is one of their comfort bikes that doubles up as a great cruiser option. Fun relaxing ride, with 26 Inch wheels (very stable with wider tire) also features the 1x gear set up with a wide range of 7 speeds on the rear. Upright, comfortable riding position making it ideal for those looking to cruise the seawall in comfort and style. Still fully capable of commuting if comfort is your priority over efficiency! Available in several sizes, colours and mix of unisex and female specific options!

Comfort Bike Vancouver   bike for smaller lady vancouver

 small size ladies bike vancouver   Ladies Comfort bike cruiser 26 small

ONLY $459

DEL SOL Seren.

vintage dutch style bike vancouver

ONLY $539


dutch bike vancouver

ONLY $539

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