These are bikes that have great, classic cruiser looks, but come with much more city friendly options than beach cruiser style bikes.

We no longer sell the traditional beach cruiser style bike, we used to sell a lot of these with our Kitsilano stores proximity to the beach. While we found these to be popular, we found these bikes to be cumbersome, very single purpose and taking up valuable room in our lineup where we can have bikes with the style, but more options when it comes to efficiency.

City style cruisers often come with racks, fenders, kickstands etc, wider/larger range of gear options, still offer an upright, comfortable riding position and is a bike that will look great on the seawall, but also something you could use to commute across town on with ease!

Bikes currently in our line up are:

BRODIE “Section 2” and other rotating options

Manhatten “Green”

SE “Tripel”

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