We were the very first BMX store in Vancouver, we’re still very passionate about riding BMX, most of our staff all ride BMX but it is very hard for us at our Vancouver stores with limited space to keep stock of a range of BMX bikes.

We’ll have 24, 26 and even some 29 Inch Wheel Cruisers from brands such as SE and MACNEIL in stock.

For all things 20 Inch BMX , our Poco store has a HUGE inventory of Frames, Forks, Bars, Stems, Cranks, Sprockets, Hubs etc. (Lot’s of these items on SALE for 50% OFF!!!) while stocks last…

We even have a few custom built completes on display, using aftermarket parts, handbuilt wheels to give people some custom ideas.

For 20″ BMX completes, we have access to most brands (F-it, WTP, Macneil, Encore, Kink being some of our favourites) If you want to have something ordered in as we are set up with all the major Canadian distributors.


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