Faliero Masi began fabricating bike frames in Milan in the 1950′s, in the 70′s the company shifted operations to California where the company is still based today.

They have stayed true to their heritage and still specialize in Road, Track and Cyclocross bikes of the utmost quality.

We stock a wide variety of MASI bikes range, available ALL 4 LOCAL STORES.

RIDE ON is one of, if not North America’s biggest MASI dealer!, however, we no not stock all of MASI’s models!! Just the categrories amd models that we do really well with. If you are after a specific model, we will always do what we can to see if we can have it ordered in for you!


We stock the MASI CX, CX Comp and the CXGR, these are the steel frame cyclocross offerings from MASI, we’re biased… these are some of the models we like the most due to their versatility, ability to take racks, fenders, larger tires, great gear ranges and great double butted tubing.

Ideal for cyclocross, but suited to a range of purposes such as commuting, touring, randonneuring or even winter training.


Again, full chromoly frame and forks here, great all around quality of components, and being a MASI, always looking great too! We normally have the UNO Riser and the UNO Drop in stock.

We appreciate the simplicity of the single speed and its versatile uses, whether its lower maintenance commuting, messangering, cruising the seawall or even as a great bar bike!


2017 MASI GIRAMONDO  27.5/650

Same great double butted chromoly frame and fork combo as last year, this year they have offered this model with the 650b/27.5 Inch wheel size, great for adventure touring, bike packing and exploring the beaten path, fire roads or wherever you need to go.

This year sees the return of the WTB Dirt Cross handlebars and a taller stem to give that front wheel even more of a lift. 3×10 Shimano Deore cranks and derailleurs, all the rack and fender options you could need.


Same great double butted chromoly frame and fork combo as last year, this is the more traditional 700c wheel size option (will still take a 650/27.5 wheel) great for regular touring, adventure touring, bike packing and comes with 700x40c tires so you can even explore the path less traveled!

This model comes with the more traditional handlebar and stem set up. 3×10 Shimano Deore cranks and derailleurs, all the rack and fender options you could need.


2017, the year of the 650b wheel size for many of the road bikes out there. We’ve grouped this one with our Touring Bikes as it is one of the more versatile offerings.

Double Butted Chromoly Frame and curved blade Fork, 10 speed Tiagra shifters, derailleurs and cranks. 650b wheel size (can run 700c) and even comes with fenders! Has front and rear rack mounts. A great bike for Randonneuring (light touring) commuting or getting out on longer more leisurely rides!

The MASI GIRAMONDO is another bike that we are extremely exited by, an ADVENTURE TOURING dream machine, able to handle anything the tarmac, fire road or beaten bath throws at you.

Double Butted Chromoly Frame and Forks, Triple Crankset, 10 speed Deore Derailleurs. Ability to run either traditional 700c wheels or 650b wheel sizes!! Disc Brakes, mounts galore for racks, fenders, bottles, bags, however you like to roll.
The most versatile bike we have!!!

The MASI RANDONNEUR is another staff favourite, Double Butted Chromoly Frame and Fork, disc brakes, 10 speed Shimano Tiagra Shifters and Derailleurs, even comes with Fenders!

Makes for a rock solid commuter, randonneuring (short tours) or even as a great winter training road bike.

Comes with 650b Wheels for 2017, will still fit 700c’s if that is what you are after!


They’re back! The MASI VITA series of Steel (Chromoly) Frame and fork hybrids. Classic looks, modern touches such as disc brakes and rapid fire shifters.


Here are a few of the 2016 MASI models we have in stock at great discounts!









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